What is How are you today?® all about?

Read on if you are considering using the app…

The app has been developed to support you in managing your COPD.  It is designed to be started within the clinical setting.

Your respiratory clinician will add you to the system and upload your individual action plan.  You will be asked to provide your email address and create a username to access the app (we recommend you use your email address for this as it is easier to remember).  Your clinician will also create a PIN code that will be used to access the app for the first time, after that the pin will not be needed.  You can either ask your clinician for the PIN written down, or you can ask for it to be texted to your phone.

You will receive an email which gives you the link to the app within the appstore or google play where you can download the app to your device.  Click here if you need more information about downloading an app on iOS or here if you are on google play.  Once downloaded you can then log in with the username you chose with the clinician and add your own password, finally enter the single use PIN and you are now able to use the app.

How do I use the app?

The app is designed to work in much the same way as the paper format of How are you today?®.   The main page allows you to navigate through the app to the various functions including your daily record of how you are.  The first screen will ask you what actions you took yesterday, then you will be taken through the four questions of How are you today?®  Once completed using the simple tick box format the app will present you with any recommended actions from your individual plan.  Have a look at our app by clicking here.

It is recommended that you answer the questions at a similar time each day, this will help you establish a routine and improve the consistency of your responses.  If you have answered the questions, but later on your symptoms change, don’t worry, you can amend your response at any time or record the change as a message.  If you ever miss an entry you can go back at any time to complete the questions.

The clinicians have developed the programme to use your responses to create an overall rating for the day – this uses the responses from today and yesterday to ensure the rating is accurate and that the advice given is correct.

The action plan will be selected from the options entered at your registration, if you have a COPD clinician who has provided a specific action plan this will be available within the app.

There is a summary view which allows you to see what you have entered in the past and get an overview of your daily pattern over time.  You can also identify where days have been missed and add information if you wish to do so.

The information you record within the app will all be stored on a secure electronic database approved by the NHS standards.  The information will be accessible to you through the app, and your clinical team through their system.  We have also added the option for you to add other people into your network and enable them to view your information.  This is useful if you have a family member who can help you manage your daily symptoms.  Within the app you can select the function to add important people and follow the instructions there to invite someone in to view your information, you have the option of what you share with them.  Messages can be used as a diary note to record any particular events that occur or symptom changes you want to remember.  The messages will be stored and again they can be viewed by the clinicians as part of their review process. Remember that any message left will be seen by your clinical team and any important people you have given permission to, you cannot directly message an individual through the app.