Basic principle

The information stored within How Are You Today?® is provided by you or by a clinician present with you when it is entered.

Information we collect from you about you

You may be registered with How Are You Today?® as either a Patient or a Patient’s Important Person.

To register with How Are You Today?® you are required to give us your first name, surname and email address.  If you are a Patient you will be able to choose your username.

You cannot change your username.

If you are an Important Person you may also upload your photo.  This helps others easily see who you are and what messages you are leaving.

If you are a Patient you may regularly record actions you have taken each day and your symptoms in the ‘Daily Log’.  This information may help you and others keep track of your own well-being.  The information you collect is your responsibility and Intelesant has no responsibility for or control over the access to the content, information or data that you generate through use of How Are You Today?®

You may also record messages as text or voice.

If you contact us we may keep a record of that correspondence.

Information we collect about you and your device

Every time you use How Are You Today?® we may automatically collect information about the type of mobile device you use, a unique device identifier, mobile network information, your mobile operating system and time zone setting.

Who sees your information

If you are a Patient your clinical team and your Important People will see the Actions You Have Taken, your symptoms, recommended actions and any messages.

Your information will also be shared anonymously with service managers and commissioners to support service planning and to enable the effectiveness of How Are You Today?® to be evaluated. The information may also be used to promote the app and share learning through publications.  However, information used for these purposes will have all of your personal details removed, and no-one will be able to identify you from the information they see.

How we store your data

All information you provide to us is encrypted and stored on our secure servers. We only share your information through a secure transmission system within the internet in accordance with NHS guidelines and compliant with data protection legislation.

Whilst How Are You Today?® is open, data is stored on your device.  If you backup your device to a service such as the Apple iCloud it is possible that your data might be stored in this service.  It is not necessary to back up How Are You Today?® in this way as all of the information is stored on our own secure servers.

Using How Are You Today?®

When using the app it is your responsibility to keep your information safe on your mobile device.  We recommend you do this by:

  • Selecting a strong password and keep this and your username confidential.
  • A pass code is used to secure your mobile device when not in use or to log out of the application each time you use it to prevent others from seeing your information if the device is left unattended for any period of time.

How we use your information for our own purposes

We may use the information you share in How Are You Today?® to continuously improve and develop our products such as new features, better performance and security.

We will not sell or otherwise provide any information that identifies you personally to any third party without your permission or without giving you notice about it in this policy.

Usernames and email addresses

Usernames are used to uniquely identify you in How Are You Today?®.  They can be the same as your email address if you choose but do not have to be.

Your username must be linked to an email.  This is so that we have a way of contacting you or to help you reset your password if you have forgotten it.  Please keep your username and password safe.

Your email can be linked to someone else’s email.  This may be the case if you do not have or do not want to have an email address and another person is helping you so that you can use How Are You Today?®.  In this case you must be sure that you can trust that other person with your information.

You can choose to link your username to another email address at any time.

Making changes and deactivating or deleting your account

You can change previous entries in your Daily Log at any time in the app itself.

You may deactivate or delete your account or remove messages from your timeline by contacting Intelesant customer service on 0161 205 7776 or emailing us on and someone will call you to make the changes.

If you would like to change your personal Action Plan you should contact your clinical team.

You can remove an Important Person at any time.  Once they are removed they will not be able to open the app again.

Whilst your account is deactivated you will not be able to record new entries into the app and you will not be able to open the app again.  Your Important People will not be able to see any new information or record new messages and once the app is closed they will not be able to open it again.

If you change your mind whilst your account is de-activated full use of the app can be restored to you by contacting Intelesant customer service as above.

If you request that your account is deleted your account will first be de-activated for 30 days. Once your account is deleted you will not be able to restore it.  Your Important People will not be able to open it again.

An archive of information stored within the app will be retained by your clinical organisation and by us in accordance with our retention policy and NHS requirements.

Further information

If you have questions or complaints regarding our use of your information and your privacy please contact us by email at

Version 1.0 May 2015