How are you today?® COPD

This part of the app is where you complete the questions to track your daily symptoms.  We recommend you complete these at roughly the same time each day, preferably in the morning.  The first question asks what actions you took yesterday and then it asks the four questions relating to your symptoms today.  The responses are one of four categories:

Danger – These are symptoms that require emergency attention.  Unable to talk due to being too short of breath at rest – much worse than your usual.  Chest pains.  High Fever.  Confusion.

Flare up – You are not getting better.  More breathless than normal.  New cough.  Increased tiredness and poor sleep.  Change in the amount and/or colour of phlegm.

Bad day – Slight increase in symptoms that are not very noticeable.

Usual – It is advisable for you to consider what your usual symptoms are.  Consider how much you can do each day, how your breathing is at rest and during activity, what makes your breathing worse, what your appetite is like, how well you sleep, and how much phlegm you have and its colour.

Once the responses are submitted, the app will provide you with an overall rating for the day and make recommendations for managing your symptoms today.  The recommendations have been created by your clinician when they registered you with the app.  The system will look at yesterday and today’s responses when creating the recommendation.  If you have any concerns, please contact your clinical team directly.

The results will be shown in your timeline which is where you can amend any entry or complete any missed day reports.