About the app

The How Are You Today?® app for COPD has been developed by Intelesant Ltd in partnership with Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (LCFT) under commission from NHS Chorley and South Ribble and NHS Greater Preston CCGs.  The How Are You Today?® app for Christie has been developed by Intelesant Ltd in partnership with The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

The clinical advice provided within this application is the property of Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (COPD) or The Christie NHS Foundation Trust (Christie) based on the How Are You Today?® self management system developed by Lynne Bax and Will Sullivan.  The advice provided is based on the responses you provide and should always be considered alongside the advice you have received from your clinician.  The device is not designed to replace consultations with a clinician or your own judgement, and if you are concerned, please contact your GP or local service for further advice.

The information collected is stored on a fully encrypted electronic database via a secure internet transfer which meets NHS requirements for security.

Please select a strong password and keep this and your username confidential.

It is recommended that a pass code is used to secure your mobile device when not in use or to log out of the application each time you use it to prevent others from seeing your information if the device is left unattended for any period of time.

Our Privacy Policy explains how your information will be shared with your clinicians along with any other individuals (“Important People”) you choose to join your network.

All messages posted within the system will be visible to you, the clinicians and your Important People.

If you add Important People you must be sure that information given to invite this individual is accurate and that they are aware of the information that will be shared.

Your information will also be shared anonymously with service managers and commissioners to support service planning and to enable the effectiveness of How Are You Today?® to be evaluated. The information may also be used to promote the app and share learning in this area through publications.  However, information used for these purposes will have all of your personal details removed, and no-one will be able to identify you from the information they see.